Soul Warrior's Journey

Mind Control with Holly

January 13, 2022 Dorman Baltazar Season 2 Episode 1
Soul Warrior's Journey
Mind Control with Holly
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Show Notes

Soul Warrior’s Journey and Oneness of Humanity 
Guest: Holly

Holly’s Bio

Holly is a mother, wife, friend, daughter and sister. She is also a truth seeker. 

Holly has a professional background in Psychology. She lends her education and experience in this field to her ability to trust her God given intuition. 

Holly strongly believes that what the world is experiencing is a spiritual awakening. 

Mind Control

We are under attack for control of our minds. 

I like to call it psychological warfare. What we are experiencing is the result of a highly sophisticated operation that is being carried out by the so-called “leaders” of the entire world.

Oxford dictionaries definition of the psyche says that “psyche is the human soul, mind, or spirit.”.

Let’s start with mainstream media reporting. If you were to listen to it day after day for the last two years it has contained these elements: Data analysis of the covid positive numbers and death toll as a result of covid 19, Restrictions, closers, rules, policies and procedures due to covid 19. And so on and so forth. On and on and on, with the same negative theme. Confusing and manipulative tactics to weaken people mentally. To get them to beg for a solution, just to make it all stop. 

There has been an agenda to manipulate people into thinking they need to do it for “the better good” “for your community”. But what about doing it for yourself?. What’s right for you as an individual?

What about asking questions like “what are the long term effects of this product?”.

I have asked that question myself to my family doctor. She agreed that no, we do not know of the long term effects but that it is my “responsibility to protect and respect other people”. But what about respecting MYSELF?

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty”. Now is the time for liberty. 

We are part of and are going to witness the greatest shift in human consciousness this planet has ever seen. Now is the time to keep our minds strong and guarded against our enemies. I am careful, because again, our enemy has come prepared and even what seems to be well meaning information can be harmful to our thoughts. The biggest thing I see standing in peoples way is the lack of trust in their own intuition. 

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