Soul Warrior's Journey

Clayton "C Wills Williams

November 30, 2022 Dorman Baltazar Season 1 Episode 1
Soul Warrior's Journey
Clayton "C Wills Williams
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Show Notes

In this episode, I sat down with Clayton Williams in his home here in Hopkins and we had an incredible chat about his journey into music starting at 11 years, his inspiration, family support and so much more.  A special thank you to his wife and family for allow me to crash their going away party for him.

But as you will soon find out, namule comes from humble beginnings.

No auto tunes needed for this brother, he has the natural God given talents to belt out a tune in  acapella, as he clearly demonstrated during the recording of this episode.

With songs like, Garifuna Nuguya, Irumu Le and Nibagari Le, he has made a significant impact in such a short time in inspiring our young to reconnect with their language and culture.

You too can say it with me, "Garifuna Nuguya", lida "Irumu Le"!

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