Soul Warrior's Journey

Transformation through Fear w/Marjorie Noralez

November 15, 2022 Dorman Baltazar
Soul Warrior's Journey
Transformation through Fear w/Marjorie Noralez
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Show Notes

The essence of who and what we are is manifested through our experiences with and reactions to fear. When we are paying attention and engaged in an interpersonal relationship with self, we are better able to guide and direct our dance with fear and its purpose in our lives.  FEAR shows up when change is required to elevate us to our higher purpose in life. It is the messenger of change and the instrument of transformation. How we view and react to our fearful reactions to life's challenges, determines how much we grow. While fear is not the only instrument of growth, it is a pivotal player in the process.

This conversation explores the concept of and purpose for fear as an instrument of the transformative process. Have you ever wanted something specific with all your heart and as soon as the opportunity presented itself you became gripped by fear? For some of us, the fear is so real that we are unable and or unwilling to push beyond the fear to realise the true potential of the  dream. To awaken the giant within we must consciously commit to pushing beyond the boundaries of fear. In the coming weeks we will explore this topic in detail, in order to  unlock the value  of fear for and with our audience.  It is our intension to share our experiences in a thought provoking manner that triggers our collective memories to the power is spiritual laws and their manifestations in our world. Thank you for listening and don't remain a stranger.

Intro/Outro Music by: Drez Mcvey-Chatuye

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